Integrative Oncology Breast Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines Published in JNCI Monographs

The Society for Integrative Oncology has published a first-of-its kind breast cancer clinical practice guidelines in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs coinciding with the 11th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology held this week in Houston, Texas. With over 80% of breast cancer patients using some form of integrative cancer therapy following diagnose, these timely guidelines will bring much needed clarity and support to women

Create Your Integrative Medicine Future: Overcome Fear, Do the Work

Are you running on the conventional primary care hamster wheel but would love shifting to a direct-pay concierge or hybrid model? Or looking to segue from private practice (solo or group) to a hospital system and launch an integrative health program? Your timing and opportunity for success has never been better, for the age of integrative health and medicine—and health creation itself—is upon us while its remaining skeptics are steadily

[Case Study] Negotiating Your Career in Integrative Health and Medicine

Managing a busy consultancy, I work on wide-ranging projects with a diverse collection of medical providers, administrators and small business owners. I always find working with mid-career physicians seeking to reposition their professional futures an especially rewarding assignment. Typically well-trained and board certified, these integrative, functional and lifestyle medicine practitioners possess ample clinical experience but often feel frustrated, trapped within conventional medical delivery models that just feel inadequate.

Dwindling Skeptics and Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine

With the field’s steady ascent we’ve witnessed a continual decline in its nonbelievers. As a 25-year cancer patient who implemented a successful integrative oncology regimen soon after diagnosis, I have witnessed—up close and personal—the inexorable march and development of integrative medicine. Since launching FON and joining the integrative health industry full time, I have written extensively on both the business challenges and opportunities present in the field today. Thanks to

Cleveland Clinic New Chinese Herb Program Makes Huge Waves in Media

The Time Magazine feature “Cleveland Clinic’s New Medicine” was here. The Wall Street Journal‘s “A Top Hospital Opens to Chinese Herbs as Medicines” is here. “Can Herbs Help? Dr. Oz Explains Eastern Medicine” is here. Katie Couric’s Today show piece on it, “Why One Hospital is Turning to Chinese Medicine” is here. Crane Herb Company will be the supplier of the products. Crane sources their supplies via KPC Herbs, which

How Integrative Medicine, Telemedicine and Mobile Medical App Laws are Shaping our Future

Attorney Michael H. Cohen, President of the Michael H. Cohen Law Group, was interviewed on LA Talk Radio’s Legal Help Desk by cyber-lawyer Salar Atrizadeh on the future of health care. Topics included: The evolution of healthcare, Michael H. Cohen said, from “physical to virtual to mobile to wearable to implantable.” Legal rules governing telemedicine (including Skype medical visits) and mobile health (or m-health), including FDA guidance concerning mobile medical

The Absurd Economics of Nutrition and Exercise

It’s fair to say that, to a large extent, America has long fostered a culture and environment conducive to physical inactivity and nutritional-based disease. With today’s prevailing science clearly showing that teaching and practicing lifestyle medicine significantly decreases the top chronic health conditions plaguing society—i.e., diabetes, obesity, heart disease and certain cancers—moving more firmly in this healthier, logical direction would subsequently trigger a vast increase in human productivity and output,

Legal Viewpoint: MDs Operating Web-Based Health and Wellness Businesses

Telemedicine laws: who operates the sites and provides content? are the visits to the site considered clinical encounters, or merely visits to receive general information and education? is personalized healthcare advice being given? will the physician be obligated to have medical licensure in the state of the patient, as well as the home state or originating site? is a restricted The second item to note is that these same questions

New Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Broadens Leadership Team

New Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) broadens its leadership team: Wisneski, Snider and Weeks join board. In the fall of 2013, the American Board of Integrative Health and Medicine (ABIHM) announced that it was re-forming itself as the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM). In a speech announcing the new entity, the founding president Mimi Guarneri, MD mentioned three new areas of involvement beyond ABIHM’s historic education