How Integrative Medicine, Telemedicine and Mobile Medical App Laws are Shaping our Future

By Glenn Sabin
Attorney Michael H. Cohen, President of the Michael H. Cohen Law Group, was interviewed on LA Talk Radio’s Legal Help Desk by cyber-lawyer Salar Atrizadeh on the future of health care.

Topics included:

  • The evolution of healthcare, Michael H. Cohen said, from “physical to virtual to mobile to wearable to implantable.”
  • Legal rules governing telemedicine (including Skype medical visits) and mobile health (or m-health), including FDA guidance concerning mobile medical apps.
  • The impact of state licensing laws and medical board policies on multi-national healthcare practices by entrepreneurs and start-up ventures.
  • Laws governing the “borderland of medicine and religion,” the title of one of Michael’s books, including energy healing and energy medicine practices.
  • FDA medical device regulation of new technologies, such as nanotechnology.
  • Dietary supplement claims, labeling, and regulation.
  • Michael’s work as a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, drafting policies and procedures to govern the inclusion of complementary and alternative therapies into conventional medical setting.
  • The distinction between telemedicine and telehealth and how legal definitions shape start-up ventures’ practices.
  • Use of haptic technologies in healthcare care.
  • Stark and anti-kickback, fee-splitting, HIPAA and privacy and security in the new healthcare regime.
  • How companies navigate laws that apply to multidisciplinary clinical practices, such as those that apply when medical doctors try to partner with chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nurses, physical therapists, and other clinicians.
  • Corporate practice of medicine and psychology and what legal rules dictate when non-clinicians try to partner with medical doctors.
  • Online privacy and cloud computing, and what happens when there is a HIPAA data breach or data is taken without authorization.
  • Legal frameworks governing everything from hospital medicine to spirituality in healthcare.
  • Accelerating technology progress and how the law shapes our future healthcare system.


Listen to the podcast here.

[Disclaimer: This is not legal advice or opinion, but simply an article describing legal rules and familiar situations. Engage an attorney for legal advice specific to your situation.]

Author: Michael H. Cohen, JD


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