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Positioning integrative health organizations for long term growth while advancing evidence-based integrative medicine as the standard of care.

FON’s a leading integrative health and medicine business development and strategy consulting firm. FON specializes in custom solutions for developing patient volume, programs and product sales. Our practical business models are driven by innovative marketing, clear messaging and customer engagement via branded storytelling.

What’s behind our company name?

Diagnosed with “incurable” leukemia in 1991, FON’s founder, Glenn Sabin achieved complete pathological remission without conventional treatment. His extraordinary case is documented through the Harvard medical system. After his first remarkable clinical response in 2003, Glenn asked “So, am I a freak of nature?” His oncologist—a Harvard dean—replied, “No, you’re a ‘Force of Nature’ ”. Thus, FON was born.

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We all have a story … what’s yours? How can we help you achieve your business goals?

Featured Article

[New e-book] 120 Milestones Mark the “Rise” of Integrative Health and Medicine

The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine

Free 92-page e-Book sponsored by FON and XYMOGEN chronicles the integrative and functional medicine field’s historical growth with over 120 Milestones. Download The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine.


11 Essentials for Your Integrative Medicine Business Plan

11 Essentials for your Integrative Medicine Business Plan_designed

Every new integrative health and medicine enterprise and organization should have a well-researched and well-written business plan. Glenn Sabin provides guidance on the essential 11 components you need to include.


The Best Clinic and Business Model for Integrative Medicine


Clinic models inform business models and vice versa. But what is the best approach for delivering integrative health and medicine services in your community?


Content Guide to Growing Your Integrative Medicine Business

Content Guide Grow IM Business_add_text_2

Here are 10 FON posts that will have the most impact on your future business success.


7 Chronic Website Symptoms Hurting Your Integrative Practice: Addressing Root Causes

7 Acute Symptoms Website_FINAL

Today, over 85 percent of patients search online before booking a doctor’s appointment. If your website isn’t fully optimized to drive patient volume, you are losing business.


The Best Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Integrative Medicine Practice


There are hundreds of major, active social media platforms. However, companies that attempt to engage with too many, especially all at once, dilute their efforts and fail to make an impact.


Grow Your Integrative Medicine Business By Telling Bigger Stories

e-Book iPad image.2

Content is the fuel that launches thought leadership, the glue that binds social media and the only path to meaningful, sustainable health consumer engagement. It is now imperative for your clinic or center to become a content creator—that’s right, a publisher—to effectively build trust around your brand and grow patient volume. Download our FREE 31-page eBook.


9 Ways to Earn Your Patient’s Lifetime Value

Abstract word cloud for Customer lifetime value with related tags and terms

According to Wikipedia, customer lifetime value—what we’ll refer to as patient lifetime value (PLV)—predicts net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. Though extraordinarily important, it’s often overlooked by most integrative and functional medicine practices.


Opportunities for Academic and Hospital-based Integrative Medicine in a Value-Based World

Businesswoman standing on the highway road

According to Glenn Sabin, “to survive and ultimately thrive in today’s fast-changing environment, it’s crucial that academic centers, hospitals and health systems draw clear, accurate financial lines between their integrative medicine offerings and higher margin service lines.”


Integrative Health: Names, Nomenclature, Trends—Where We Are Headed


Alternative, integrative medicine, functional, holistic, CAM, restorative, lifestyle… what’s in a name? This article explores the latest trending data for the various names and nomenclature comprising the field.


Grow Your ‘List’ to Grow Your Integrative Health Business

subscribe circle

There’s no single magic silver bullet approach for growing integrative health and medicine practices today. It requires comprehensive strategy featuring a range of digital and non-digital communication tactics, of which growing a list for email marketing is incredibly important.


[Case Study] Negotiating Your Career in Integrative Health and Medicine


Managing a busy consultancy, I work on wide-ranging projects with a diverse collection of medical providers, administrators and small business owners. I always find working with mid-career physicians seeking to reposition their professional futures an especially rewarding assignment.


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