8 Steps to Negotiating Integrative Medicine within Institutional Settings

John Weeks recently shared a post by Christian Nix entitled Ten Cardinal Sins Acupuncturists Make, illustrating how an acupuncturist might pragmatically get in the door of an institution, gain acceptance and ultimately, a gig. More to the point, it explains what not to do. I regularly write and speak on integrative medicine within institutional settings, and how best to secure physician and administrative leadership support. Thus I strongly relate to

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The Business of Integrative Medicine: What they Don’t Teach You in Medical School and Fellowships

This quote from Holistic Primary Care’s Erik Goldman says it all. I’ve cribbed for talks and workshops presented on building integrative health and medicine businesses and practices and, sometimes, I actually attribute this to Erik! PAYING THEIR DUES A physician tirelessly invests more than a decade of her life devoted to scholarly study in college, medical school, residency and fellowships. However, the long journey in pursuit of a medical degree

12 Ways to Grow Your Integrative Medicine Practice… Beyond Internet Marketing

I am widely known as the ‘digital’ marketer based on my writings and consulting practice which often focus on customer engagement via online strategies. That’s fair. Yet I also have an extensive background in more traditional forms of media and marketing. And today I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of tried and true methods for building clinic utilization not dependent on the Web or digital marketing. I

Guide to Using Video to Grow your Integrative Medicine Practice

Consumers are looking for useful, relevant information about their medical conditions. In fact, 80 percent of Internet users, or about 93 million Americans, have searched for a health-related topic online. However, not everyone has time to spend hours poring through lots of content to gain subject matter knowledge. This is why the trend in video consumption is growing exponentially. Let’s take a look. Why video? Gaining Attention from Health Consumers

Of Course Preventive Medicine Will Save Money—But Not the Government’s Current Definition of the Intervention

Sharon Begley’s recent Reuters piece, Think Preventive Medicine Will Save Money? Think Again, brought renewed attention to the seemingly low economic benefits of preventive medicine, as currently defined. New findings are out from Trust for America’s Health’s new report, and their outlined plan “to move from sick care to health care in four years.” Begley’s piece homed in on screenings that have shown positive economic impact, such as education efforts

How to Improve Your Integrative Medicine Brand Identity

Your brand name and logo are the first things a prospective customer (patient) typically encounters when searching for an integrative healthcare provider. Significant consumer confusion already exists around the terms and descriptors surrounding integrative healthcare. Consequently, you must clearly distinguish your brand identity from your local competitor’s, regardless if you are a small private clinic, hospital system or academic center. Position your center for success by communicating your brand’s value

PCORI Includes ‘CAM’ in First Funding Announcement

PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute) is the independent non-governmental (like Institute of Medicine) entity mandated from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. With over $1 billion dollars in hand to be used exclusively for comparative effectiveness research over the next seven years, the Institute is charged with investigating the “relative health outcomes, clinical effectiveness, and appropriateness” of various medical interventions, products and procedures by assessing existing studies and implementing

UPDATE: Insurance Coverage for Integrative Healthcare Services in 2014

Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act prevents health insurance plans from capriciously excluding a range of integrative health practitioners from coverage, based solely on licensure. The law empowers patients to obtain care from any licensed provider in a state for a specific benefit covered through an exchange health plan. Specifically, this includes licensed naturopathic doctors, acupuncture and Oriental medicine practitioners, midwives, chiropractic doctors and massage therapists. Recently Integrator Blog

How to Sell Integrative Healthcare to Corporate America

My last post highlighted the mutual benefit of the delivery of integrative healthcare services for clinics and self-insured employers. This generated a great deal of feedback, mostly from the supply side, including integrative medicine centers wanting to know the best way to approach local self-insured companies. These inquires came from full-service MD-based integrative centers as well as smaller practices across disciplines focused on specific areas such as pain management and