SEO Magic: 7 Ways for New Clients to Find Your Integrative Health Practice

You may have aspirations to draw patients to your integrative or functional medicine clinic from across the country, and attract an international following but, for most practices, being ‘discovered’ by and serving the local community is goal one. Whether yours is an established practice, or you are relatively new on the scene, it’s critical to take ‘ownership’ of your local market. And for that, you need to make it easy

Disruptive Functional Medicine Innovation Drives Value-Based Future at Cleveland Clinic

Christensen, one of the nation’s leading authorities on disruptive innovation in business, wrote those words at a time after the early forces of healthcare disruption had started coalescing, around 2000. He would not have recognized them at that time because they were not dependent upon the technological advances he often cites as the basis for successful disruption. Rather they were, and remain, disruptive in how patients can be most beneficially

Institution-Based Integrative Medicine: Current Economic Challenges and Opportunities

I recently heard from the clinical director of a major academic integrative medicine program based in a large, progressive institution. His program is one of the originals with a steady following of patients. But the program had a problem: it was losing money. It’s the typical story of 90-minute comprehensive new-patient consults, and extensive follow-ups; appointments that require time to hear a patient’s story and explore root causes, as opposed

Behind The Decisions: The Anatomy of n of 1

It’s no secret that I have a deep passion for integrative oncology and a patient-centered, patient empowered approach to health creation. My purview is both wide and deep, on the business, political, scientific, and clinical aspects of oncology. Cancer is an incredibly delicate topic; nearly all of us are touched by its insidious reach—members of my own family have been heavily stricken by it. I have been a survivor (though

Politics and Birthing an Industry: All Rise

It comes as no surprise that many of us in the integrative health and medicine community feel somewhat anxious after the contentious, divisive, and ugly presidential election process. Since politics have always affected the speed of adoption of new policies that serve the greater good of ‘population health’, it has never been more important to remain proactive and diligent in advancing our collective goals. It’s important to realize that control

The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine, image of book cover.

[New e-book] 120 Milestones Mark the “Rise” of Integrative Health and Medicine

FREE E-BOOK CHRONICLES THE FIELD’S CONVERGENCE IN HEALTH CREATION Silver Spring, Maryland: A confluence of multiple streams over five decades has empowered the emergence of integrative health and medicine as the coming model for health care’s future. An outline of the field’s rich history is captured for the first time in “The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine: The Milestones—1963 to Present.” The beautifully illustrated and designed book of over

Open Letter to Joe Biden: We Need a Cancer ‘Prevention’ Moonshot

Dear Vice President Biden: Your Cancer Moonshot initiative is commendable, with its core goals to make more therapies available to more patients, while supporting improvements to prevent cancer, and detect it earlier. The core elements of the Cancer Moonshot from a research and drug discovery standpoint are sound, but the overarching framework lacks a critical keystone. Let me explain. Our continued approach to cancer as a ‘war’ is misguided. Our

Let Others Sing Your Praises… So You Don’t Have To

Craft all the fancy copywriting and tight messaging you like. It’s helpful. Create elegant brochures highlighting your professional credentials, and illustrating your products and services. Polish your professional positioning and image. People like to engage with those they feel they can trust. You can even scream from rooftops about how great you, your team, and your products are. Purchased print and radio advertising will do that. And though it might

Rise: Consumer Demand Drives the Future of Integrative Medicine

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been working on a powerful new e-book along with my sometimes co-conspirator, Taylor Walsh. The publication is called The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine: The Milestones—1963 to Present. It features over 120 of the most significant accomplishments in the field during the past 50 years. ‘Rise’, as we have nicknamed the project, features a brilliant introduction by industry historian and Integrator