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Is Functional Medicine Becoming a Commodity?

A commodity is defined as any “basic” good or service that is produced to meet a marketplace demand. Commodities are, well, commonplace—interchangeable, and indistinguishable from other products or services of the same type. Functional medicine should never be considered indistinguishable; widely accessible? Yes. Indistinguishable? No. I am deeply concerned that certain functional medicine enterprises are in danger of becoming a commodity. Let me be clear: I am a staunch proponent

Testimonials: How to Get them. How to Promote Them

Testimonials: How to get them. How to Promote them.

We live in the age of social proof, where the opinions of complete strangers can greatly impact our buying decisions. Why Testimonials are Essential Consumers trust the recommendations of their peers at a whopping 92%, and recommendations of strangers at 70%, according to Nielsen research. Given that testimonials significantly influence a prospective customer or patient’s proclivity for your brand, it is incumbent upon you to play an active role in

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‘Naming’ Your Integrative Health or Functional Medicine Business

What’s in a name? Turns out, when it comes to your business, there’s a lot in a name; plenty is at stake. Properly naming your integrative medicine enterprise is critical to your success. Careful consideration must go into this decision-making as you develop the brand ethos of your organization and define your target customers. Get your brand name right from the very start. Following are some key areas to keep

We’re All in Sales: Advancing Integrative Health

Selling is the single most important skill to achieve effective personal and business goals. This has been true for millennia. You don’t have to be part of a formal sales team to be ‘in sales’. We are all in sales. Yes, including you. You just may not have realized it yet. Selling begins when a child asks her mother for a candy bar, and the mom says no. With each

The Power of Effective Copywriting to Engage and Sell

Is your own copywriting hurting your integrative health brand? I write quite a bit: for this blog and my personal blog. I regularly craft comprehensive assessments and business development strategy documents for clients, and I’ve authored a memoir. Everyone looking to be a thought leader (aka key opinion leader or KOL) in the integrative health field—or wanting to be well-positioned within their local community—should write. I discuss this here and

Your Integrative Health Brand and Platform: Invest or Fail

Whether you mainly trade on your personal brand or lead an organization, sustainable success is wholly dependent on relationships. It’s based on your reputation in the market, and how you make people feel. Your processes, sales-savvy, or technological prowess alone will not guarantee your success; if you solely rely on tools and process, your empty enterprise will ultimately fail. Don’t get me wrong: your systems and processes are important. So

Integrative Health Prescription for 2018 w-text

Integrative Health Prescription for 2018

Though 2017 is closing with a booming stock market that equals wealth for the U.S., the subject of health [care] for our population will not end quite as positively. In addition to rising insurance costs and deductibles, the U.S. population is dealing with deep-seated confusion and anxiety over tax reform law that takes coverage away from millions, and threatens medicine. We live within a broken system with few incentives to

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Social Media’s Free Ride Is Over: Challenges and Opportunities

As an Integrative health organization that has invested significant time and resources building audiences on social media, you are now faced with a stark reality: You do not own your profiles… nor your followers, likes, and subscribers; you simply rent them. The rules of engagement are beyond your control. The social media ‘organic reach’ free ride is officially over. It has been for a while—ever since Facebook pulled in the

Advancing the Global Impact of Integrative Oncology

There is an incredible amount of inaccurate information on holistic, integrative, and alternative approaches to preventing cancer, treating cancer, managing the symptoms of cancer treatment, and supporting long-term survival. The importance of clarifying and disseminating vital information led to the founding of the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) in 2003. The organization’s mission is to bring scientific rigor to the evolving field, and to help translate these findings to most