7 Effective Website Design Attributes for Integrative Health Brands

If your website is not effectively designed and optimized to ‘immediately’ engage visitors, you may be losing more prospective patients or clients than you think. Fact: over 60% of us first research a product or service on the web and make purchasing or engagement decisions prior to ever placing our actual email or phone order. Today’s healthcare consumer is certainly no exception; she’s visiting your site as well as physician

Preventive Medicine as a Viable Financial Model

Prevention remains the only magic bullet ‘cure’ for most malignancies and chronic disease. It’s where we’re headed. The conundrum for providers lies in delivering the most effective services with sufficient profit margin. I consider the new healthcare law ‘ACA 1.0’ and, thankfully, version 2.0 is just around the (cost curve) bend. Hopefully we are getting closer with current incentives in place rewarding health outcomes via patient-centered medical homes, accountable care

America’s ‘Pain Epidemic’ and the Role of Integrative Medicine Providers and Payers

Sure, treating acute pain with conventional medical interventions and drugs can be quite helpful, but similarly treating “chronic” pain across various conditions and pathologies often amounts to little more than simply masking symptoms. Whether taken orally or as an injectable, drugs (including steroids) can temporarily reduce inflammation and pain but their potential deleterious long term negative effects can often take a significant physical, emotional and/or financial toll on patients and

The Power of Content to Grow Your Integrative Medicine Business

It’s never been more important to create and distribute high quality content to engage prospective patients and clients. That’s why I’ve written on this more than any other business development topic. It’s what drives business today—whether you’re talking about integrative health and medicine, financial services or computer widgets. Next to word of mouth patient and medical professional referrals, content strategy provides the most important opportunity for you to grow your

Dietary Supplements: Harmful or Essential? Cutting Through the Unrelenting Rhetoric

What a firestorm! Ever since Dr. Paul Offit’s book, “Do you Believe in Magic: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine” was released last summer, there’s been a burst of new negative dietary supplement study results and position papers. Editorials, featuring provocative headlines such as: Enough is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements and Don’t Take Your Vitamins, have been published in prominent medical journals and major

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: 800-Pound Marketing Gorilla

Since 2008 most major business sectors have evolved their business development strategies in response to profound changes in the modern marketing landscape. Curiously and with few exceptions, independent hospitals, hospital systems and large medical institutions remain firmly stuck in the 20th century. Not so for Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). In fact, not one national cancer center matches CTCA’s overall aggressive marketing prowess and sophistication. This includes the top

Concierge Integrative Medicine, image of a bell at a hotel with the name of the blog in text by it.

Is Concierge Integrative Medicine a Viable Model for You?

After a year closely following the inexorable growth of concierge care in the U.S.—and advising several primary care integrative health-directed physicians and pediatricians regarding various modeling options—it’s very clear to me that its basic business principals are a terrific match for some integrative health practitioners. INSURANCE AND CMS MODELS DON’T SUPPORT INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE CONSULTS Physicians trained in integrative medicine will spend nearly 90 minutes per new patient consult (including the

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The Best Clinic and Business Model for Integrative Medicine

I am often asked what’s the best clinic or business model to deliver integrative medicine. My standard reply is the quote above; it pretty much says it all. Frankly, when deciding the most appropriate, sustainable model for your specific organization, there are many important considerations. Recently, I led a workshop at the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) titled A Practical Look at Current Clinic and Business Models for Academic and

The Impact of ‘Escape Fire’ and What Comes Next

In his excellent post, “Revisiting Escape Fire: The War to Rescue Our Health,” integrative health publisher and thought leader John Weeks questions the impact of this highly regarded documentary as a truly effective healthcare delivery game changer, and he appeals for a harder-hitting sequel to help finish the job. But before we discuss what a sequel might cover, it’s important to consider the uneven impact the original has had since