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A Practical Guide to ‘Episodes of Care Clinical Programs’

A practical guide to developing episodes of care clinical programs to ensure better patient outcomes, while also improving the financial health of your integrative health practice, center, hospital or health system.

Thinking of Converting to Concierge? Don’t Give Away Your Practice

Thinking of Converting to Concierge? Don't Give Away Your Practice.

Exploring converting your practice to some form of concierge medicine? Beware giving away the store. Identify the best conversion partner to achieve your goals, and understand the pros and cons of working with a custom conversion consultant versus a large branded franchisor such as MDVIP or SignatureMD.

Physician Specialists and Emerging Practice Business Models: Choosing Forward

Depending on your medical specialty, population served, and how you would prefer to practice medicine and get paid, practice options exist beyond CMS and private payers alone.

Time to Rethink Your Practice Business Model

Time to Rethink Your Practice Business Model

When COVID hit, many practices were stuck with business models for serving patients and generating revenue that did not bode well for sustainability and growth. Some practices could not weather the storm. Is it time to reinvent your clinic business model?

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn to Sell Integrative Health Products and Services

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for reaching executives and developing and nurturing substantive relationships. You can successfully ‘sell’ and influence on LinkedIn. But how is this best accomplished without being, well, annoying?

Beware of Medical Claims for COVID-19 and Natural Products: New Guidance from AANP

If you are an integrative health practitioner or your organization markets and sells natural products of any kind, now is the ideal time to revisit how to best communicate the benefits of your goods and services to existing and prospective patients and clients.

Out of Crises Comes Opportunity: Will You Seize It?

Ship charting new terrain, sun rising

This is a rare moment in time to strengthen your market position within the specific area of integrative health space you serve.

No Magic Formula to Grow Integrative Health Companies: Start Here Instead

If luck is found at the intersection of hard work and opportunity, then success happens at the same crossroads. Inevitably, the work must get done. But determining the key tasks on which to focus and execute—and phased in to ensure traction—is critical. Get started with FON’s reading list.

Patients are Consumers: Ignoring this Fact is Futile

In a perfect world, high-quality, no-cost medical treatment would be available to all, and every practitioner would use the most up-to-date treatment options—therefore other avenues would never need to be considered, and a competitive market wouldn’t exist. But is that true?

Leveraging Medical Savings Accounts for Integrative Health Products and Services

You possess a powerful tool to enhance your business and expand your influence and goodwill for the good of your patients and customers. It’s called a medical savings account. Are you leveraging this tax-deferred tool?


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