Becoming an Integrative Health Thought Leader: Part 1—Introduction

By Glenn Sabin

Glenn is on the faculty of Duke University’s Health and Well-Being Leadership Program, where he teaches a Thought Leadership Course. Learn more here.

This is the first installment of a 7-part series.
Read the entire series:
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Personal Branding + Platform
Part 3: Unique Positioning
Part 4: Content Strategy
Part 5: Media
Part 6: Monitoring + Promoting Your Brand
Part 7: Conclusion–Putting it all Together

Many professionals within the vibrant integrative health space possess masterful clinical abilities, significant scientific subject-matter expertise, and entrepreneurial business savvy. However, too few have consistently leveraged their significant attributes in the effort to become true thought leaders—key opinion leaders—in the field.

Does this describe you?

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of organizations and individuals within the integrative health and medicine community to develop, for each, a customized thought leadership strategy. What I’ve noticed is a large void of specific resources and general understanding of the process needed to identify and create, or reinforce, one’s personal brand and thought leadership.

Personal branding is essential to establishing thought leadership. They are intertwined and inseparable. Therefore, this series will focus on how these pieces fit to become a whole.

Thought leadership is neither taught in medical school nor covered in core curriculum across integrative health care disciplines. Nevertheless, in today’s fast-moving digital landscape, the opportunity for you to develop true thought leadership has never been easier to reach, or more important to get right.

This 7-part series aims to provide the basic framework under which you can begin focusing on becoming a thought leader by creating a platform from which to spread your message with more impact, enlarge your community of followers, and achieve your professional goals. The series will help guide the development of your unique personal brand, and will put you on the path to claiming your exclusive place as a beacon in integrative health and medicine.

Though not an individualized strategic plan, these same foundational processes and philosophies I will share comprise many of the same elements on which FON focuses within its consulting practice. These are the methods that the leading thinkers and pioneers across industry, including ours, implement on their path to becoming key opinion leaders in their respective fields.

Here’s what will be covered during the next seven weeks of this special series:

Becoming an Integrative Health Thought Leader: 7-Part Series

Part 1: Introduction

You’re reading it! Enough said.

Part 2: Personal Branding and Platform

Your personal brand is who you are, the meaning of your work, the essence of your being. You are a unique individual and your gift(s) to the world are one-of-a-kind.

Part 3: Unique Positioning

Learn how to use your exclusive skillset, knowledge, and world purview to differentiate yourself from the masses and find your special niche.

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Part 4: Content Strategy for Consumers + Medical Professionals

Thought leadership is largely driven by content creation, which can take many forms such as experiential, written, video, and research. Discover the best content strategy for your particular goals.

Part 5: Media Engagement

As a contributing author, interviewer or interviewee, media partnerships allow terrific access to communities and platforms larger than yours, which are important to connect with and leverage.

Part 6: Monitoring Your Brand

After you create your personal brand and utilize digital and analogue methods to amplify your branded footprint, it becomes more important than ever to listen to what others are saying about you, and also to be aware of activities of which you wish to keep abreast. A number of free and simple tools make this possible.

Part 7: Conclusion

Putting it all together to find your voice and take ownership of your distinct position in the ever-evolving integrative health landscape.

About FON

FON creates thought leadership and personal branding strategy for those aspiring to differentiate and hone their message, and propagate their integrative health mission. Contact us today to schedule a call or Skype to learn how FON can help you achieve your professional goals.

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Author: Glenn Sabin
FON’s founder, Glenn Sabin, is a nationally recognized thought leader with a reputation for successfully positioning integrative health organizations for sustainable growth. Combining media, marketing and business development expertise with an extensive professional and personal integrative health and medicine narrative, Glenn is deeply passionate about advancing the field as the new standard of care—accessible to all.
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