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Glenn Sabin—Short Bio

Media and marketing veteran Glenn Sabin is a 25-year cancer “thriver” who created a comprehensive, integrative oncology approach to achieve a complete pathological remission of his CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia)—considered an “incurable” disease—without conventional intervention. Glenn’s case, now part of the medical literature, has been chronicled through Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and his personal oncologist, Lee M. Nadler, MD, Dean of Clinical and Translational Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

After a 25-year career running a media and content marketing company, Glenn sold his firm in 2009 to explore new opportunities within the growing integrative health and medicine industry. Born out of his personal journey with cancer, Glenn launched FON Consulting. He devotes his energy to helping integrative health enterprises grow their companies and practices.

Glenn has a uniquely relevant perspective on the business, policy and scientific matters specific to integrative healthcare and lectures on these topics across the country.

Glenn Sabin—Longer Bio

Glenn Sabin was diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) at 28 years old and originally given a grim diagnosis of six months to live. After the removal of his 7lb spleen, full of malignant cells, Glenn’s oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute—and now Dean of Clinical and Translational Medicine at Harvard Medical School—recommended a protocol of “watchful waiting”.

The science was evolving rather quickly, with new therapies on the horizon, so it made sense for Glenn to take a step back and wait for his leukemia to make the first move, rather than move forward with an invasive bone marrow transplant, the experimental treatment du jour.

Not One to Watch and Wait

With the splenectomy behind him, Glenn set out to learn all he could about CLL and the biology of cancer.  He invested significant time studying the medical literature and traveling the country to  learn about the connection between malignant disease and things like nutrition, inflammation, oxidative stress, insulin-like growth factor, hydration, metabolism, stress hormones and more.  Glenn’s single-minded goal was to devise a patient-centered personalized therapeutic approach to strengthen his immune function and best position his body and mind for the challenge of his life.

Creating an Integrative Wellness Approach

Over time, what resulted is a comprehensive integrative oncology protocol that Glenn has been following for over 20 years, including: conventional diagnostics and exams; primarily plant-based, organic diet; exercise; mindfulness-based stress reduction; and well-placed pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals.

Getting Sicker

In 2003, Glenn became very ill—for the first time experiencing the full force and effect of his leukemia. A low grade fever and night sweats persisted for months. Glenn’s hematocrit dipped to 22 as severe hemolytic anemia set in. It was recommended at that time by Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins and others that Glenn immediately start aggressive treatment, including multiple chemotherapeutic agents, a monoclonal-antibody and steroids.

Extending the Experiment

Although a proponent of the best of Western, conventional medicine, and quite aware of his rather dire situation, Glenn chose to postpone conventional therapy to see for himself what 12 years of following a strict integrative oncology regimen would mean, by attempting to engage his body’s innate ability to heal. He knew where the line was drawn in terms of his blood chemistry—the point where he would need to integrate conventional interventions. He realized that although a remission was quite possible to achieve, that the nature of CLL is such that it typically relapses and becomes resistant to the same therapies used in the future. He was also aware of the potential lifelong side effects associated with many conventional therapies.

Glenn took a leave of absence as CEO of a media company, and focused on regaining his health. Although very weak from the hemolytic anemia, he continued an exercise program that was significantly reduced in both duration and rigor. He enlisted help from his nutritional pharmacologist and made changes to his nutraceutical regimen. He was able to reduce his stress load, reengage his mind-body connection and focus on the core aspects of his protocol.

Achieving Clinical Success

Complete blood counts were drawn every other day by his local hematologist. After a few weeks, his counts started to change slightly for the better. After a couple more weeks a positive trend was taking shape and the urgency for conventional treatment no longer existed. After 10+ weeks Glenn’s blood chemistry completely normalized. His peripheral blood and flow cytometry showed no detectable malignancy.

Glenn was sent to Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston for a PET/CT scan and other diagnostics and a physical exam which found no evidence of disease. He was considered to be in clinical remission, with his oncologist attributing the remarkable turnaround to his comprehensive integrative oncology therapeutic protocol.  (Active disease could only be detected pathologically via bone marrow biopsy.)

Relapse and Pathological Remission

Glenn maintained his clinical or partial remission status for six years, until 2009, when for the first time his white blood cells elevated, his absolute lymphocyte counts increased and he became anemic.  Now working closely with his doctor, friend and research colleague, Keith I. Block, MD—from the renowned Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Skokie, IL—Glenn adopted a more rigorous scientific approach to his integrative regimen and, over time, achieved a complete pathological remission of his CLL in January 2012.  This dramatic outcome is chronicled through Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  With no evidence of disease by morphology or phenotype, a pathologist today cannot tell that Glenn ever had CLL.

The Birth of FON

After achieving a remarkable clinical remission from CLL (without conventional intervention)  in late 2003, Glenn consulted with his oncologist—a Harvard dean—and asked, “so, am I a freak of nature?”, and his response was “no, you are a Force of Nature”. And FON was born.

Through FON he devotes energy to helping integrative health enterprises grow their companies and practices.

Glenn has a uniquely relevant perspective on the business, policy and scientific matters specific to integrative healthcare and lectures on these topics across the country.

Glenn’s Professional Background

For over 25 years, Glenn Sabin owned and operated an award-winning media company that publishes major international music magazines and websites, runs conferences and creates content marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. Glenn has significant experience in all aspects of business and brand development.

Glenn and FON understand the human, clinical and business aspects of integrative medicine. Contact FON today to learn more.

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“I have witnessed an extraordinary patient who has achieved a clinical response through non-conventional treatment approaches.”
- Lee M. Nadler, MD Harvard Medical School


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