Dr. Mark Hyman Assists Congressman Tim Ryan with Enrich Act—to Force Nutrition Education in Medical School

Article courtesy of John Weeks/The Integrator Blog

A note reached the Integrator via integrative cardiologist Mimi Guarneri, MD from author and functional medicine advocate Mark Hyman, MD. “I need your help on something,” wrote Hyman. “I have helped Congressman Tim Ryan introduce the ENRICH ACT into Congress to fund nutrition education in medical school! We need to get as many signatures on the petition now to get this passed!”

The petition is here.  A supportive article from the Bi-partisan Policy Center is “The ENRICH Act will provide better tools to fight obesity” and it provides a good overview of key points–which also include adding physical activity content.

Comment from John Weeks: I believe it was 2007 when the first report came out in the United States suggesting increased nutrition in medical schools. This is the most recent attempt to get medical education to be evidence based in this fundamental area. I signed and posted via Facebook. Doesn’t take much. Good luck Congressman Ryan–who by the way is, yes, the same fellow who has been a strong advocate of meditation and the mind-body connection. Nice work from Dr. Hyman, himself a warrior against poor nutrition, obesity and diabetes .

Comment from Glenn Sabin: Thank you Congressman Ryan for taking lead on this important policy initiative. ‘Forcing’ nutritional education in medical school is a long overdue concept. But unless the economics dramatically change to allow for adequate physician reimbursement for transmitting this knowledge, it may not have the intended impact on obesity and general population health. Third-party payers—including commercial insurance and CMS—need to support these sensible, money-saving educational interventions. Direct-pay (aka ‘insurance-free’) providers are already getting paid to deliver this care. If nothing else, educating physicians on nutrition may keep them healthier—and more aware of nutrition as a core component of lifestyle as prevention and medicine. They might also be more inclined to refer out to nutritionists, dieticians and health coaches. Now that could have impact.  Sign the petition!

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