FON Therapeutics Is Now FON Consulting

By Glenn Sabin

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At the beginning of the New Year FON was ‘rebranded.’
FON’s (Force of Nature) company name was derived by a Harvard dean who also happens to be my long-time oncologist. That story can be read here.

How ‘Therapeutics’ Came to Be

I initially envisioned FON Therapeutics as an intellectual property (IP) repository for unique nutraceutical formulations and integrative oncology research incubator. However, with incredible support from a team of IP attorneys, I got a healthy reality check and quickly decided not to pursue this heavily contested and often unstable space. There were just too many issues related to both protecting and marketing natural products.

Focusing on Business Development

FON formally launched as an integrative health and medicine business development and strategy consultancy. However, ‘Therapeutics’ remained in the brand name because, frankly, I was simply enamored with it.

Considering our firm advises on brand names and identity, simply put, we weren’t fully ‘walking the talk’. Thus, today we’re formally rebranding the company as FON Consulting. However, our mission stays the same: providing the highest quality integrative health and medicine business development content and assisting enterprises worldwide to grow their business, clinics and brands.

Thank you for your support of FON!

Glenn Sabin Author: Glenn Sabin

FON’s founder, Glenn Sabin, is a nationally recognized thought leader with a reputation for successfully positioning integrative health organizations for sustainable growth. Combining media, marketing and business development expertise with an extensive professional and personal integrative health and medicine narrative, Glenn is deeply passionate about advancing the field as the new standard of care—accessible to all.
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