FON Helps Integrative Health & Medicine Enterprises Grow.


Getting Started

Our Mission

FON is dedicated to positioning integrative health organizations for long term growth while advancing evidence-based integrative medicine as the standard of care.

FON’s Story

FON’s a leading integrative health and medicine business development and strategy consulting firm. Founded in 2006 by media and marketing entrepreneur Glenn Sabin, FON specializes in custom solutions for developing patient volume, programs and product sales. Our practical business models are driven by innovative marketing, clear messaging and customer engagement via branded storytelling.

What’s behind our company name?

Diagnosed with “incurable” leukemia in 1991, Glenn achieved complete pathological remission without conventional treatment. His extraordinary case is documented through the Harvard medical system.

After his first remarkable clinical response in 2003, Glenn asked “So, am I a freak of nature?” His oncologist—a Harvard dean—replied, “No, you’re a ‘Force of Nature’ ”.

Thus, FON was born.

Your Story

We all have a story … what’s yours?

How can we help you achieve your business goals?


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