Content Guide to Growing Your Integrative Medicine Business

By Glenn Sabin

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For the last five years I’ve consistently blogged on all aspects of business and brand development for integrative health businesses, clinics, and organizations. This edition points to archival content which I believe will have the most impact on your future success.

1. Assess First, then Strategize & Execute

Before you can accurately define the best forward strategy, you must: home in on where you are; align your business and personal goals; determine the most practical opportunities that exist; and roll up your sleeves. Let’s go.

2. Understand what Comprises a Modern Website

Irrespective of your business or organization type, your website is critical to your success. If your site was developed before 2012 (not a typo), it likely needs updating; possibly a complete redo.

Today, more folks access websites from mobile devices than desktop computers. Google currently prioritizes ‘mobile friendly’ sites for search. ‘Scrolling’ has largely replaced ‘clicking’. Modern design communication focuses on large images and concise messaging. You have about six seconds to keep a visitor on your site. If they are not immediately and effectively directed, they will leave. Are you losing customers because your site is stuck in the early 2010s?

3. Master Your Sales Funnel

What good is a website—or for that matter, your non-digital business-building efforts—without a simple process to convert interested prospects into paying customers?

Irrespective of what you sell (services, products, courses), as a nonprofit or for-profit, your target customer must be engaged and nurtured at each phase of the buying process. What does your funnel look like?

4. Become an Integrative Thought Leader

Does your personal brand amplify your CV or business accomplishments, or cast a mere shadow of the real you? Is there a serious disconnect between your ‘expertise and experience’ and your online appearance?

Thought leadership is mostly achieved through speaking, writing, and taking a position. Establishing a unique niche allows for penetration in a noisy marketplace. It allows for personal brand differentiation. It’s a must-have in the field of integrative health and medicine. Best of all, it’s absolutely achievable if you are willing to do the work.

5. Be Social, but not a Social Butterfly

Social media is inescapable. It’s how we connect. But it’s incredibly easy to disappear into rabbit holes that turn into time sink. Strategic focus and stringent self-control are key.

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In business, social media is best as a tool for listening, engaging, and sharing. When it’s used as the ‘glue’ to connect content to your website sales funnel, it can also be employed to actively ‘sell’.

You don’t have to be on 173 social channels; a few will do. Be where your prospects are.

6. Be Helpful by Engaging with Content

Print, TV, and radio interrupt prospects in vying for attention. Advertising is expensive, and typically runs as a campaign with defined start and end dates. However, useful, relevant content engages customers and prospects. Integrative health is not an advertisement, it’s a story. If you consistently share the story of health creation and true prevention to educate and solve problems, customers will engage and follow.

7. Non-Digital Marketing: Grow the Old Fashioned Way

Yes, you need to nail the digital channel because, done right, it is relatively inexpensive to set up, and will provide great impact over time. But there are SO many tried and true non-digital efforts you can employ to positively impact your bottom line.

8. Earn the Lifetime Value of Your Customers/Patients

It’s exponentially more expensive to land a new patient or customer than it is to retain one. However, if you’re not engaging and over-delivering with stellar, responsive service—and empirically empathetic—you will not create a word-of-mouth referral machine to fully realize the lifetime value of your patients and clients.

9. Grow Your List

Email, though now 20-years-old, is certainly not the shiniest communication tool in the box. And while it’s easy to get distracted with fans, followers, and other social connects, email marketing is, in my view, the most powerful and personal way to grow and engage a community. Getting permission to land in someone’s inbox remains the holy grail of digital marketing. Learn 27 ways to make it happen.

10. Go Deep, then Wide

If your goal is to make an impact in growing your clinic or business, then stop serial tasking and ‘attempting’ to respond to everyone’s needs in real time. Apply a level of emotional intelligence to differentiate the needs of others in the greater context of your own strategic business needs and priorities. Employ organization, priorities and laser-like focus to achieve your goals. There is simply no other practical way to get traction.

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