The Power of Content to Grow Your Integrative Medicine Business

By Glenn Sabin
It’s never been more important to create and distribute high quality content to engage prospective patients and clients. That’s why I’ve written on this more than any other business development topic. It’s what drives business today—whether you’re talking about integrative health and medicine, financial services or computer widgets.

Next to word of mouth patient and medical professional referrals, content strategy provides the most important opportunity for you to grow your organization’s revenues. Bar none.

You needn’t be a savvy digital marketer to understand that content is fuel and social media is the distribution ignition switch. (click to tweet)

As today’s predominant search engine, Google’s undergone hundreds of modifications each year improving how it recognizes and rewards content quality. With recent changes to its Panda and Penguin algorithms, ‘gaming’ the system to increase organic SEO (search engine optimization) has never been more difficult or penalized. Thankfully, it’s also now totally unnecessary.

The short-sighted SEO black hat tricks of yore have yielded to the most vitally important strategy available to your brand today: dump the static website (content), create more engaging quality stories and distribute consistently and widely to your target audience.

Properly executed infographics are among the most powerful visual content tools for simplifying the communication of complex information.

For example, the infographics below illustrate the importance of content creation in gaining consumer trust and driving customer traffic. The content marketing and search graphic (on top) demonstrates that longer-form content is rewarded with higher search rankings and more social sharing leads, indexed pages and inbound links. The SEO infographic (below) shows how Google’s search algorithm has evolved from a fairly unsophisticated set of criteria into a major force spawning an entire industry of SEO experts and agencies. Interestingly, they’ve all arrived at the same conclusion: quality content that informs, educates and/or entertains is most important and will thus be more highly rewarded in search rankings.

What’s your content strategy and how are you developing thought leadership to build your integrative health brand?

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How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings
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