Politics and Birthing an Industry: All Rise

By Glenn Sabin
It comes as no surprise that many of us in the integrative health and medicine community feel somewhat anxious after the contentious, divisive, and ugly presidential election process.
Since politics have always affected the speed of adoption of new policies that serve the greater good of ‘population health’, it has never been more important to remain proactive and diligent in advancing our collective goals.

We—those positioned in myriad genres of the integrative health community—are asking ourselves:

How might the incoming administration influence the trajectory of our fledgling industry?”

What parts of Obamacare will be undone?

Will the nascent shift from fee-for-service to quality outcomes endure?

Will the Triple Aim be realized?

Will licensed practitioners across disciplines ultimately be protected against discrimination by section 2706 of the ACA?

Are ACOs, and the incentives that drive them, here to stay?

It’s important to realize that control of the executive branch of government has been almost evenly split during the last five decades. Yes, we’ve seen plenty of ebb and flow during our industry’s historic Rise, but its ascent has remained inexorable.

The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine—The Milestones: 1963 – Present, a free 92-page e-book, presented by FON and XYMOGEN, highlights over 50 years of our industry’s collective history and documents well over 120 milestones which are a testament to a movement that has endured both republican and democratic administrations.

Ours is a movement that became an industry; still in its infancy, somewhat fragmented due to its newness, but a vibrant and bona fide industry, nonetheless.

With the publication of The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine, a history has been claimed.

So, if you’re feeling anxious about what comes next, spend some time with Rise. Feel proud of the pioneers—individuals and organizations—that courageously brought integrative health and medicine into the foreground. Honor those that have come before you. And then look forward and take a bold step to contemplate and carry out your own role in contributing to, and influencing, the future.

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And know this: The integrative health and functional medicine industry will not recede in practice or influence based on one American presidential election cycle.

Our industry is here to stay, and further evolve, because the important work, vital to its survival, continues. Our Rise is an enduring, collective work-in-progress.

Inevitably, there will be significant challenges and growing pains. However, steady consumer demand for health creation over disease care, and the positive economics of a healthy population, will ultimately win out over powerful industry and partisan politics.

Politicians come and go, along with their short agendas. We, the people, with a full-fledged, vibrant, and passionate integrative health and medicine industry, will be the ultimate deciders.

All Rise!

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Author: Glenn Sabin
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