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9 Ways to Earn Your Patient’s Lifetime Value

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I retract my recent post: building a subscriber list isn’t the foremost marketing tactic for growing an integrative medicine practice or brand. Unequivocally, that distinction belongs to securing customer loyalty, in turn, driving patient lifetime value.

Opportunities for Academic and Hospital-based Integrative Medicine in a Value-Based World

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(Special thanks to Taylor Walsh and John Weeks for their contributions to this article.) A colleague recently asked for an example of an economically sustainable academic medical center fully ‘integrated’ across specialties and service lines. Regrettably, after thinking long and hard, I couldn’t come up with even one fitting that description. However, there do appear…

‘Grow Your List’ to Grow Your Integrative Health Business

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There’s no single magic silver bullet approach for growing integrative health and medicine practices today. It requires comprehensive strategy featuring a range of digital and non-digital communication tactics, of which growing a list for email marketing is incredibly important.

The Best Clinic and Business Model for Integrative Medicine


Clinic models inform business models and vice versa. To date, we have no established and endorsed “best practices” for specific types of integrative medicine programs, i.e., academic medical centers or solo practices. Though I often hear this would be most helpful for advancing the field, based on my professional experience, there’s no one-size-fits-all best approach for delivering integrative medicine.

Evidence-Based Medicine in an Era of Personalized, Integrative Healthcare


In their Sep/Oct 2014 Explore guest editorial, authors Ben Kligler, MD, MPH and John Weeks present an evenhanded look at how evidence-based medicine (EBM), versus evidence-informed medicine, is applied in real-world clinical settings.

[Case Study] Negotiating Your Career in Integrative Health and Medicine


Managing a busy consultancy, I work on wide-ranging projects with a diverse collection of medical providers, administrators and small business owners. I always find working with mid-career physicians seeking to reposition their professional futures an especially rewarding assignment.


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A Living Tribute to Integrative Health and Medicine Pioneer John Weeks

John Week Tribute eBook

No one’s been more influential than John Weeks in advocating for integrative health and health creation as the standard of care. Download this stunning 68-page eBook and discover what John’s colleagues—the leading lights of integrative health and medicine—have to say about his incalculable contributions to the field.

Grow Your Integrative Medicine Business By Telling Bigger Stories

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Content is the fuel that launches thought leadership, the glue that binds social media and the only path to meaningful, sustainable health consumer engagement. While a well-balanced mix of traditional advertising, marketing, media relations, referrals, and reputation management remains vitally important and necessary to increasing and retaining integrative medicine patient volume, it is now imperative for your clinic or center to become a content creator. Download FREE 31-page eBook to learn more.

How to Increase Clinic Utilization of Integrative Medicine Services in 60 Days


Popular white paper explores how integrative medicine clinics and centers can better utilize marketing, brand positioning and content creation to increase patient volume and overall utilization of evidence-based clinical services. Download FREE report.