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Dietary Supplements: Harmful or Essential? Cutting Through the Unrelenting Rhetoric


Glenn Sabin and nutraceutical expert Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO attempt to break through the din and unremitting confusion sown by the media whir around dietary supplements, the industry that champions their use and public health in general.

Dwindling Skeptics and Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine


With the field’s steady ascent we’ve witnessed a continual decline in its nonbelievers. As a 23-year cancer patient who implemented a successful integrative oncology regimen soon after diagnosis, I have witnessed—up close and personal—the inexorable march and development of integrative medicine.

HHS Shuns Congressional Intent on ACA’s Practitioner Non-Discrimination Language


[Courtesy of John Weeks/The Integrator Blog]
The US. Department of Health and Human Services effectively told those following “non-discrimination in health care” (Section 2706) that HHS will not, anytime soon, abide by the law.

The Absurd Economics of Nutrition and Exercise

Measuring the Cost of Education or Healthcare

The “three-legged stool” of nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction is at this point, beyond reproach. So exactly why then are these low cost, low tech, powerful clinical and educational interventions largely missing, or at best, minimally covered within the core medical school curriculum?

The Best Clinic and Business Model for Integrative Medicine


Clinic models inform business models and vice versa. To date, we have no established and endorsed “best practices” for specific types of integrative medicine programs, i.e., academic medical centers or solo practices. Though I often hear this would be most helpful for advancing the field, based on my professional experience, there’s no one-size-fits-all best approach for delivering integrative medicine.

5 Legal Issues Integrative Health Practitioners Need to Know for 2015


With 2015 right around the corner, here are 5 legal and regulatory issues that integrative health practitioners need to know. By Michael H. Cohen


White Papers & E-BOOKS

A Living Tribute to Integrative Health and Medicine Pioneer John Weeks

John Week Tribute eBook

No one’s been more influential than John Weeks in advocating for integrative health and health creation as the standard of care. Download this stunning 68-page eBook and discover what John’s colleagues—the leading lights of integrative health and medicine—have to say about his incalculable contributions to the field.

Grow Your Integrative Medicine Business By Telling Bigger Stories

e-Book iPad image.2

Content is the fuel that launches thought leadership, the glue that binds social media and the only path to meaningful, sustainable health consumer engagement. While a well-balanced mix of traditional advertising, marketing, media relations, referrals, and reputation management remains vitally important and necessary to increasing and retaining integrative medicine patient volume, it is now imperative for your clinic or center to become a content creator. Download FREE 31-page eBook to learn more.

How to Increase Clinic Utilization of Integrative Medicine Services in 60 Days


Popular white paper explores how integrative medicine clinics and centers can better utilize marketing, brand positioning and content creation to increase patient volume and overall utilization of evidence-based clinical services. Download FREE report.