No Magic Formula to Grow Integrative Health Companies: Start Here Instead

Whether your business is a medical practice, supplement company, pharmacy, technology platform, nonprofit organization, or provider of other goods or services, one thing holds true: there is no single, magic bullet formula to grow your integrative or functional medicine enterprise. Word-of-mouth referrals and the activation of fanatical brand-ambassadors remain the holy grail of any organization. The above is absolute for integrative and functional medicine enterprises. But how does this low-spend,

Quality Counts: A Clinician’s Guide to Supplement Quality

Quality: It’s a Clinical Issue Dietary supplements have become an integral part of American life—and American healthcare. Despite the recession, the supplement industry has grown steadily at 5%-6% per year–twice the rate of OTC drugs. According to a 2011 report from the National Center for Health Statistics, more than half of all U.S. adults regularly take supplements. A 2016 survey sponsored by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, puts the figure

The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine, image of book cover.

The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine: The Milestones—1963 to Present

By Glenn Sabin and Taylor Walsh Introduction by historian John Weeks New 92-page e-book chronicles 120 milestones over 50 years, illustrating the inexorable growth and influence of the integrative health field. The Rise stands in testament to the compelling, sometimes hard-fought, process of how integrative healthcare has changed the face of our country, our educational institutions, our government, and, most importantly, our lives.

Improving the Health of the Integrative Health Enterprise

My recent posts on why integrative and functional medicine practices often fail, and how to go about mastering a ‘sales funnel’ to build patient volume, elicited a lot of positive feedback—as much as any articles I’ve written over the last few years. Could this be because more folks within the integrative health community are recognizing that integrative clinical prowess that is not equally matched to persistent business acumen does not

Dr. Don Berwick’s Institute for Health Improvement Promotes New Delivery Principles “Beyond The Triple Aim”

The most progressive forces in U.S. medicine have signed on and are promoting a new strategy for medicine and health in the United States. In a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Institute for Health Improvement co-founder and former Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator Don Berwick, MD published Change from the Inside Out: Healthcare Leaders Taking the Helm. They declare a set of eight

You Don’t Have to Be Smarter, Just Give Better Care

The key to success in holistic and functional medicine is simply to give better care than the other doctors in your area. Given how utterly dysfunctional mainstream medicine is, these days, it shouldn’t be hard, quipped Mark Menolascino, MD, at Holistic Primary Care’s 6th annual Heal Thy Practice conference. In the 15 years since he established his now-thriving functional medicine clinic in Jackson Hole, WY, Dr. Menolascino has learned a

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START UP: Writing a Concierge Medicine Practice Business Plan

Have you ever thought about starting a direct-pay medical practice or other variation of a private medical practice? Well, whether you are concerned about the Affordable Care Act, looming Medicare cuts or a board certified physician curious about what the next few years in your practice will look like, there are a few things to consider before investing the time, money and energy to bring your direct-pay or concierge medical

Thorne Research Partners with Mayo Clinic to Study Supplements

Thorne Research Inc. a leader in developing and manufacturing pure high quality nutritional supplements entered a new dietary supplement clinical study agreement with Mayo Clinic. Starting in January 2015 Thorne Research and Mayo Clinic began conducting a series of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials on a number of dietary supplements under a master clinical study agreement. Working with physicians and PhD scientists trials will be conducted at Mayo Clinic with

Mindfulness: A Key Skill In Speaking About Integrative Medicine

Do you believe that having great content is enough to inform and persuade audiences about integrative medicine? The truth is, it’s never enough. Your material alone—no matter how strong—can’t create the responses you’re looking for in stakeholders. It doesn’t matter whether that response has to do with educating, persuading, or inspiring people. Creating influence at that level is your job and responsibility. (To be as comfortable with listeners as you