FON: The Business of Integrative Health & Medicine

The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine: The Milestones—1963 to Present

New 92-page e-book chronicles 120 milestones over 50 years, illustrating the inexorable growth and influence of the integrative health field. By Glenn Sabin and Taylor Walsh. Introduction by historian John Weeks.

A Living Tribute to Integrative Health and Medicine Pioneer John Weeks

No one’s been more influential than John Weeks in advocating for integrative health and health creation as the standard of care. Download this stunning 68-page eBook and discover what John’s colleagues—the leading lights of integrative health and medicine—have to say about his incalculable contributions to the field.

Integrative Health Media

International listing of integrative health and medicine journals and other publications.

National Directory of Integrative Oncology Providers

A national listing of Integrative Oncology Centers

National Directory of Integrative Health & Medicine Centers

Comprehensive directory of integrative health and medicine providers across North America.


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