George Washington University Launches Online Integrative Medicine Program

By John Weeks

GW School of Medicine

In a partnership with the Metabolic Medicine Institute, George Washington University is launching an online integrative medicine program according to this April 24, 2014 news release. The release suggests that graduates will have the “requisite skills to oversee a practice in integrative medicine, as well as balance the business, regulatory, and legal aspects of clinical care.” In addition, they will learn to gather outcomes data. The later is presented as a “distinguishing feature” of the program. Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA is the leader of the program.

Program Head Andrew Heyman, MD

Program Head Andrew Heyman, MD

The Metabolic Medical Institute describes itself as “a medical organization dedicated to promoting health and prevention of disease by educating health professionals, researchers and the public.” Those who complete the 18 credit hours of the program will earn a certificate. The programs is open to those with “a degree in a health related field and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.”

Comment: While the release notes the existence of a new American Board of Integrative Medicine, the program does not appear to be tracking students to that end. It is interesting to see the business model of broad inclusiveness of all licensed professions as potential students.

This article originally appeared in The Integrator Blog.

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