Time to Rethink Your Practice Business Model

Time to Rethink Your Practice Business Model

When COVID hit, many practices and practitioners were already stuck in a routine; the pandemic simply amplified it. Businesses were abruptly turned on their heads because of their reliance on a care delivery and practice business model that was no longer viable. What followed was a rapid transition to telemedicine to ensure continuity of care—and continuity of income—and the realization that not many practices were nimble enough or otherwise positioned

Thinking of Converting to Concierge? Don't Give Away Your Practice.

Thinking of Converting to Concierge? Don’t Give Away Your Practice

You started your practice with a mix of capital, sweat, excitement, and risk. You knew you were a skilled clinician and placed faith in your business acumen and those advising you. You believed you would soon be serving patients and earning enough to make a comfortable living that would also support a good life/work balance contributing to a good quality of life—and, one day, a comfortable retirement. As you operated

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Physician Specialists and Emerging Practice Business Models: Choosing Forward

If you serve within a specialty practice—as a physician, advanced practitioner, or administrator—you may now have more options for how patient care is delivered, and how the practice is paid. When we think of concierge models of care, we think of internal medicine and primary care—you know, the large concierge care ‘branded’ franchisors that bundle in practice conversions as part of their franchisee services agreement (like MDVIP, SignatureMD, and Castle