FON: The Business of Integrative Health & Medicine

March, 2017

‘Educating’ is Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Integrative Health Providers

Medical providers, passionate about delivering health care, often cringe at the subject of marketing and advertising. After all, most didn’t invest years of education to learn about business and marketing—they studied to become healers. To most medical professionals, the concept of advertising to secure patients is anathema. Few physicians are taught the necessary business development…

SEO Magic: 7 Ways for New Clients to Find Your Integrative Health Practice

Whether yours is an established practice, or you are relatively new on the scene, it’s critical to take ‘ownership’ of your local market. And for that, you need to make it easy for people to find you. Local SEO efforts are essentially an additional layer to your core SEO efforts to rank high for well-researched keywords and long-tail keyphrases specific to your products and/or service offerings.


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