Institution-Based Integrative Medicine: Current Economic Challenges and Opportunities

I recently heard from the clinical director of a major academic integrative medicine program based in a large, progressive institution. His program is one of the originals with a steady following of patients. But the program had a problem: it was losing money. It’s the typical story of 90-minute comprehensive new-patient consults, and extensive follow-ups; appointments that require time to hear a patient’s story and explore root causes, as opposed

Behind The Decisions: The Anatomy of n of 1

It’s no secret that I have a deep passion for integrative oncology and a patient-centered, patient empowered approach to health creation. My purview is both wide and deep, on the business, political, scientific, and clinical aspects of oncology. Cancer is an incredibly delicate topic; nearly all of us are touched by its insidious reach—members of my own family have been heavily stricken by it. I have been a survivor (though