Telemedicine Legal Series—Conclusion: Putting it All Together

A few years ago, telemedicine and telehealth burst on the scene, immediately challenging established legal frameworks built around brick-and-mortar practices. The novelty forced healthcare practitioners and companies—and the lawyers who represent them—to work through the holes in the law, in an effort to bring new practices and products to market. Today, there exists legislative and regulatory activity on telemedicine and telehealth in almost every state. Though medicine and various healthcare

Telemedicine Legal Series—Part 7: Unlicensed Practice, Fee-Splitting, & Other Legal Hazards

While we’ve focused this series on legal issues that frequently arise in telemedicine and telehealth, there are sister legal issues involved when healthcare practitioners and healthcare tech companies get involved. These and other critical legal hazards that routinely arise include: Unlicensed Practice of Medicine Unlicensed and corporate practice of medicine issues arise in telemedicine because the company offering telemedicine services is typically organized and operated by non-medical doctors. This means

Telemedicine Legal Series—Part 6: Mobile Medical Apps

When medicine is practiced through an app installed on a mobile device, do different rules apply? How does the law regulate telemedicine via the app, and the app itself? Mobile Apps as a Telemedicine Platform In one sense, mobile apps are simply another platform for the delivery of telemedicine services. That is, instead of doctors and other healthcare providers connecting with patients via the Internet on a desktop or laptop,