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The Business of Integrative Medicine: What they Don’t Teach You in Medical School and Fellowships

This quote from Holistic Primary Care’s Erik Goldman says it all. I’ve cribbed for talks and workshops presented on building integrative health and medicine businesses and practices and, sometimes, I actually attribute this to Erik! PAYING THEIR DUES A physician tirelessly invests more than a decade of her life devoted to scholarly study in college, medical school, residency and fellowships. However, the long journey in pursuit of a medical degree

12 Ways to Grow Your Integrative Medicine Practice… Beyond Internet Marketing

I am widely known as the ‘digital’ marketer based on my writings and consulting practice which often focus on customer engagement via online strategies. That’s fair. Yet I also have an extensive background in more traditional forms of media and marketing. And today I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of tried and true methods for building clinic utilization not dependent on the Web or digital marketing. I