A Patient’s Perspective on the Atlantic’s “The Triumph of New Age Medicine”

My course with cancer included a six-year clinical remission, made possible by the evidence-based, integrative oncology protocol I follow today. This clinical (not pathological) remission followed an acute event with a coombs positive hemolytic anemia, night sweats and a low-grade fever that persisted for weeks. Western diagnostics, including genetic and molecular labs and assays are incredibly accurate and continue to evolve. Every medical system has limitations; when it comes to

5 Reasons Why Content is King for Growing Integrative Medicine Services

Does your center have a content creation and distribution strategy? Consumers interested in a patient-centered approach to their healthcare spend a lot of time learning about preventive medicine and general wellness. When they or a family member face a health challenge, they are quick to consult the Web for their health information needs. So when it comes to evidence-based integrative medicine, your center or clinic has a valuable opportunity to

Leveraging the Science

Most integrative medicine clinics and centers do a poor job communicating to their patients and prospective patients about the evidence supporting their clinical recommendations and interventions. While it’s accurate to say that the science base for integrative medicine is a mere fraction of that for conventional interventions and pharmaceuticals, the amount of quality research and positive outcomes is growing steadily. Now is the time for integrative centers to leverage these

Integrative Oncology Featured at ASCO Annual 2011 Meeting

Integrative oncology research and discussions will be featured prominently during the ASCO 2011 Annual Meeting this weekend in Chicago, with several presenters among Society for Integrative Oncology leadership. After many years advocating for integrative oncology research to be presented at the meeting, I am pleased to note that evidence-based complementary interventions are becoming part of the vanguard for oncology care, driven be consumer demand and a growing science base. The