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Glenn’s Opening Remarks at Healing Journeys’ 2012 Cancer as a Turning Point

Thank you for the kind introduction.  Please join me in giving Jan, her staff, volunteers and the sponsors a round of applause for providing this incredible gift to those affected by cancer.

Good morning.  It’s a blessing and a privilege to be with you.

I need to tell you, I’m still new to this speaking stuff.  Last fall I started doing talks at medical conferences and cancer centers—mostly to oncologists, scientists and hospital administrators.  And just last month I spoke to a group of physicians about the importance of self-care—you know, how docs need to walk the talk regarding prevention and wellness so they are better positioned to actually teach their patients.  After all the definition of doctor IS “teacher”.

Although there have been survivors among these audiences, today is the first time I get to speak directly to patients.  And what a privilege this is!  I will be talking about my long and unique journey with cancer, how I’ve embraced self-efficacy and how this experience has shaped my life and career.  But first I want to tell you something VERY important.

Regardless of your specific situation—your diagnosis, prognosis or staging—each and every one of you has the innate ability to impact your course with disease and improve your quality of life.  Your thoughts and actions are incredibly important.

You are not the disease. You are not a statistic. You are the host.  Your actions can help control the micro-environment in which your disease lives OR dies.

Modern Western medicine is truly a marvel, especially emergency medicine, diagnostics and acute care.  And today’s conventional personalized oncology—unfolding more than a decade after the decoding of the human genome—has already led to new discoveries, like targeted therapies—vaccines and viruses, assays and prognostication tools.

However, modern personalized oncology has not yet fully embraced the full array of powerful evidence-based integrative oncology interventions as the standard of care.

TODAY’S STANDARD OF CARE DOES NOT ADEQUATELY ADDRESS the profound psychological aspects of disease and the great need for psychosocial support.


TODAY’S STANDARD OF CARE DOES NOT ADEQUATELY ADDRESS the body and mind’s internal biochemical milieu—and things like oxidative stress, inflammation, stress hormones and glycemic levels.

TODAY’S STANDARD OF CARE DOES NOT ADEQUATELY ADDRESS the importance of exercise to increase the metabolic rate, fight fatigue, ward off depression, increase cognitive ability and improve survivorship.

I am hopeful that over this decade we will see exponential change.  The intersection of truly personalized cancer care: a focus on the pathology—or disease itself—AND the all-important microenvironment of the host.  This is the promise of integrative oncology and tomorrow’s standard of care.

In the meantime, each and every one of you has the innate ability to engage your mind and body to improve your quality of life and course with disease.  You have the potential to become an outlier—to live outside of the statistics.  This is what self-efficacy is all about!


There is not one diet that is best.

There is not one set of supplements that are best.

There is not one set of exercises that are best.

There is not one way to eliminate stress that is best.

There are MANY paths to healing!  Find Yours!

This is the story of my journey with cancer…. [45 minute lecture]


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